Welcome to CMR College of Phisiotheraphy

CMR College of Physiotherapy (CMRCP), Bangalore was established under the guidance of CMR Jnanadhara Trust, a registered charitable Trust. The college is affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore. The services of well qualified physiotherapists are requisitioned all over the world in hosipitals and rehabilitaion centers.

To meet this increasing demand, CMR College of Physiotherapy intends to provide well acceptable, totally committed & skilled physiotherapists. The students are trained to independently evaluate, assess, diagnose, prescribe, plan and practice physiotherapy. Trainees work with physicians in the care of patients with Respiratory, Orthopedic, Nurological and Cariac illness.

They evaluate, treat and offer preventive care for various conditions causing physical or psychological handicaps. Their services add quality to the life of their Patients.

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